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affiliate booster theme

Affiliate Booster Theme:

The Affiliate Booster theme has ranked as one of the best themes for Affiliate Marketing.

When I started my career as an Affiliate Marketer, I was searching for the best themes that are available in the market.

I have tried many themes on my site and changed the design every week. This was to give a better experience for the users that are browsing my site.

Click here to download the theme

So I tried many themes and I came across the Affiliate Booster theme. In the beginning, I was skeptical about this theme as I don’t know what features that this theme is going to provide.

But after purchasing the premium version, I was amazed about the features that the Affiliate Booster theme has.

I am fully satisfied with the features and also the updates by this theme. And this made me write a review on this theme. Check the review of the theme down.

So first I will give a brief introduction about What is Affiliate Marketing to those people who don’t know about it and then we will go deep into the Affiliate Booster Theme details.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing and will follow the same process as we do in Digital Marketing.

According to the definition, Affiliate Marketing is defined as performance-based marketing where websites will pay to the people if they bring customers to their business.

These people will be called Affiliates and these Affiliates will bring qualified leads to the business which will convert into paying customers to their business.

This industry has four core players:

  • Merchant (Who is a “brand” or “Retailer”)
  • Network (The platform for the Affiliates to choose from different offers)
  • Publisher (Also known as Affiliate)
  • Customer

So in the first step, the Merchant will start a business online and he starts selling the products. (The products maybe clothes, Accessories, Electronics, etc)

He will design the site and list the products on his site. Normally he will do the marketing and gain sales from the traffic that he gets through the website. But in addition to that, he allows some Affiliates to work for him to bring the traffic.

So he creates a Network which was mentioned in the second step and the publisher who is also known as Affiliate will work for the Merchant site and divert the traffic to the Merchant site. And from this traffic, the sales will happen.

When a sale happens, then the Merchant will pay some commission to the Affiliate on the sale that was done.

So Why the Merchant is Paying the Affiliate?

If the Merchant wants to promote the products he has to give Ads to the public about his products and also do some Digital Marketing to increase the sales.

He has to invest the time and money into some resources who can do this work. So instead of doing that what Merchant does is without investing a single rupee to get sales, he will ask Affiliates to work for him and bring some sales.

So for the work that is done by the Affiliates whom they brought sales, some commission will be given to the Affiliates. This commission will be based on Merchants and it will vary from one Merchant to another Merchant.

This is the entire Affiliate Marketing Network and many big players like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Godaddy offer Affiliate Networks from sales.

So how we do Affiliate Marketing?

As an Affiliate, we will first design a website and pick up a niche that we want to promote.

After picking up a niche, we will concentrate mainly on the theme and the products that we list in them.

We can write reviews of the products, Listicles (List of the products), DIY Articles, How to Articles, Video Reviews, Podcasts to promote the products.

So when it comes to the theme of the website it is very important to use the correct theme for the website.

Why I am telling you to concentrate on the theme is that to provide a better user experience. When a user comes to the site he needs to spend maximum time on the website and the design of that website will make the user sit on our website for hours.

When a user is not satisfied with the design of the site then he will leave the site within no time and this is a bad impact on the website and no sales for the Merchant will happen.

So for this, we need to choose a better theme and the best theme in the market that is available for Affiliate Marketing is the Affiliate Booster Theme.

So now we will speak about the Features and Advantages that Affiliate Booster Theme provides.

Affiliate Booster Theme:

Affiliate Booster Theme is famous for 4 main features:

  • Design: Websites that are built with an Affiliate Booster theme will have great design. With 25 premade designs, it is easy to design a blog with minimum technical knowledge. These premade designs will improve your articles, increase the click-through rate and also enhance the user experience. These blocks can be created with your default WordPress editor and there is no need to add external page builders for this task.
  • Editing: With the Affiliate Booster theme, you can easily edit the design, color, padding, margin, button colors, for your website and for your blog posts. This has a powerful editing tool that helps a newbie also to design a wonderful website.
  • Responsiveness: Responsiveness is more important for any website that is built. It has to be responsive on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets for a better user experience. Google rewards the websites which are responsive on all kind of devices. So Affiliate Booster theme has passed this test also.
  • Professional Design: As we discussed earlier, the Design of a website is more important to retain the users on our site. A website that was not professionally designed increases the bounce rate which will leave a negative impact. But the Affiliate Booster theme provides a professional design to the website that in turn will increases sales. For the same amount of traffic that you get, the clicks will increase and these clicks will convert into sales. More sales will give you more income.

The main plus points for this theme are it provides a free demo of the theme and they offer 24*7 support for the problems and the errors that occur

Here is the Affiliate Booster Theme demo

So who can use this Affiliate Booster Theme?

All the Affiliate Marketers can use this theme for better results. This theme has a Free version and a paid version.

I prefer the paid version as it provides more designs, user-friendly controls, and many blocks that are needed to write an article.

You can download this theme from here.

These are some of the blocks that are offered by the Affiliate Booster theme.

affiliate booster theme

affiliate booster theme

Image Source: Affiliate Booster

So these are some of the blocks that are offered by the Affiliate Booster theme.

Advantages of having an Affiliate Booster Theme:

I myself was using this theme for 2 of my Affiliate websites and I am more satisfied with the results.

Here I will show you some of the articles which I have written by using this theme.

The first one is:

affiliate booster theme

affiliate booster theme

When you see both images, the color of the heading has changed in the second image. When you write the article you can make this change and when you hover on the heading the color will be changed.

The Second One is:

The text and the clarity when we write an article. Users can easily read without any disturbances and distractions with this plain text and this will enhance the user’s reading experience.

affiliate booster theme

The third one and my favorite one the Single product blocks, Pros and Cons Block:

When we write a review article we need to write the full details of the product and the pros and cons of the product.

Mant themes that are present in the market are not offering these blocks and it creates vagueness among the users who read the reviews.

But the Affiliate Booster theme has succeeded in this part by giving Single product blocks with a call to action button, Pros and Cons blocks.

Here what it looks like:

affiliate booster theme

Pros and Cons Block:

affiliate booster theme

And there are many more blocks that are available such as AB Comparision Table block, AB Call to Action block, Notice Block, AB Button, AB Good Bad Block, Ab Star Rating, and more.

Here is a full guide on How to install themes on your website

Why I have preferred the paid version is some of the above-mentioned blocks are not available in the free version and if we use these blocks it enhances user experience and brings more sales.


So why we want to use this theme only?

There are many themes that are available in the market for the design of an Affiliate Marketing website.

But the advantages, the blocks that are offered by this theme were not comparable to any of the themes that are available in the market.

We will do or many do the Affiliate Marketing to earn some money. So this theme will give you more money as it increases the user experience, more Affiliate clicks, high Click-through rate.

So my recommendation is to go with the paid version of this theme and make more money.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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