DIGITAL MARKETING | 8 Most helpful Tips for digital Marketing in 2021 (Updated)

digital marketing tips in 2020


Before going deep into the Digital Marketing tips let us discuss briefly what is Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing products or Brand or a Person or anything through Digital Medium is known as Digital Marketing.

You can reach your set of audience through various Digital Channels like for Example: Search Engines like Google, & Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.

So why is there a purpose to use Digital Marketing as Traditional Marketing still exists?

So as of data if we measure, 4.57 Billion users are there as of 14 September 2020 worldwide and especially in India there are 696.77 Million Internet users are there. So if we grab at least 10% of these users and as a brand, we have succeeded a lot.

There are many differences and benefits that are there if use Digital Marketing as a medium for marketing. I am going to discuss the benefits of using Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing in a separate article.


Tip 1

Respect Google Algorithms.

digital marketing tips in 2020

Google Algorithms are like traffic signals. If we follow the traffic signals correctly, we can have a safe journey with a lot of benefits to a home.

Likewise, if we follow Google Algorithms while performing anything in Digital Marketing then Google will help you to reach your destination peacefully with a lot of benefits.

Tip 2

Follow Correct On-Page Optimization Techniques.

Follow correct on-page optimization techniques for better ranking. Google will follow 200+ factors to rank your site on Google. So if we follow at least 7 optimization techniques we can rank high in Google.

Tip 3

Build Quality Backlinks.

Backlinks act like guides for users who can land on your site from any external website. They help as a route path for the user who is searching for a particular query.

So building backlinks need to be careful as Google will monitor your entire backlinks. If we violate any of Google’s rules, then your site will be penalized and sometimes Google will also ban it. Here quality comes over quantity.

Tip 4

Content is always king.

digital marketing tips in 2020

On the Internet, Content plays a major role. Sites like Wikipedia and Social Networking sites like Quora are the two most powerful content-based sites. They give any kind of information to users without charging anything.

So focus on the content and make it simple yet more informational. If any user comes to the site for any kind of information he has to leave the site with a full hand of information but not empty hands.

Concentrate on quality content and don’t copy+paste your content from other sites. This leads to Plagiarism and Google will ban the content and site.

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Tip 5

Attract User Attention.

Users will come to your site for information only, But we have to present it in a colorful manner. Our main aim should be to keep the user to spend more time on our site.

For this, we have to represent the information in a pleasant manner and the user will have satisfaction. Representing the content through videos, simple sentences, Infographics will help more.

Tip 6

Sharing is Caring.


Share some of the most genuine and trusted information on your site. You can share some YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, and other author’s information.

This helps in 2 ways. You can build trust for your site and can get a higher ranking in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google will always trust the sites that provide genuine information.

If your site provides the same, then Google will think you provide the quality information and it will push your rankings.

Tip 7

Keep it Simple.

Don’t complicate the user that visits your site. The user should not be distracted when he comes to your site for any information.

Don’t use heavy graphics in your site and also more number of videos and also outbound links. Treat your user as a child and provide information in a simple manner from first to last.

Using heavy graphics and also hosting more videos on your site will lead to an increase in the loading time of your website. It is the main indication that your website should load within 3 seconds in both Desktop/Mobile versions.

Making users wait on your website will lead to frustration and user will leave within no time and ranking will decrease automatically.

Tip 8

Use Correct Social Media.

social media marketing

Some websites will use all Social Media that are available in the market and there will be no followers for them. Use the right kind of Social Mediums that helps to connect your users to your site.

First of all, Categorize your users and search for them. Concentrate on 3 Social Media platforms and give them updates. Post the updates regularly and also see that if they are engaging with your updates.

Give some takeaways, gifts, and also useful material for them so that they engage with you.

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Bonus Tip

Build a Perfect Mailing List.

Some say E-mails are an old form of communication. But in my view E-mails are like Postcards. If we write the best email to the user there is a 90% chance of converting them to your site.

You can also give gifts, coupons, and discounts through Email and can see that every user has got it.

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