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how to install wordpress themes

WordPress Themes:

how to install wordpress themes

WordPress Themes are nothing but a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a website.

These files are called template files. A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software.

As we already discussed WordPress Website development in the previous post, and in this post we will give our website a meaningful look and good experience for users who browse it.

In this article, we will look at “How to Install WordPress Themes” on your website and how can you customize your website.

How to Install WordPress Themes

  • Open your Dashboard (WordPress Admin Panel) with the help of the Username and Password that was created earlier. To open the WordPress Dashboard type your site name and Wp-admin in the end. (

how to install wordpress themes

  • Go to the Appearance section in the left-hand side panel of the dashboard and Click Themes.

how to install wordpress themes

  • It will open a window where you get to install Themes on your website.

how to install wordpress themes

  • At the top, Click -> Add New -> Click on it.
  • You will get a list of themes that are compatible with your WordPress Version and you can select and add them.

how to install wordpress themes

  • If you want to install a new theme from another website, download the theme from it and you can upload it in Upload Theme, and you can install.
  • It is that simple. If you want to edit your theme, then click on Customize on your installed theme and you can add and delete items as you want.

Recommended Themes

Now you are aware of how to install WordPress themes, and now the question is which theme I want to Install?

There are many themes that are available in the market, these are some of the recommended themes to install. The themes that are shown above are free to use.

If you want a better look for your website, then you can buy themes at

Some of Recommended Free Themes:

  • GeneratePress Theme
  • Divi Theme
  • Astra Theme
  • OceanWP Theme
  • Ultra Theme
  • Parallax Theme
  • Bento Theme
  • Neve Theme (Which I am Using)
  • Twenty 19 Theme
  • Twenty 20 Theme
  • Twenty 21 Theme


As per Wikipedia definition, Plugins: WordPress plugin architecture allows users to extend the features and functionality of a website or blog.

As of January 2021, has 58,164 plugins available, each of which offers custom functions and features enabling users to tailor their sites to their specific needs.

Plugins are used to enhance the website. It brings a new look to the website and you can edit the website without writing any code.

Important Plugins needed in Website

  • Elementor Plugin: This Plugin is used to design the look of the website and you can drag and drop it to build your site.
  • Classic Editor: Classic Editor is used to bringing back the old look of the WordPress Dashboard editor.
  • Akismet: It is a Plugin for Anti Spam. If anyone tries to spam your website with comments and other stuff then this Plugin stops that and alerts you.
  • All-in-One SEO / Yoast SEO / Rank Math – You can install any one of these. The main purpose of these plugins is to write perfect articles that can be ranked in Google Search results easily.
  • CSS & Javascript Toolbox / HFCM: This Plugin is used to paste the codes into your website. For example, if you want to paste the Google Search Console Code in your header page (Which Google asks to track your visitors, then you can use it. We need to open any editor and this plugin will look after those codes.
  • MaShare: It is a Social Media Plugin where it is used to share your Articles with Social Media. Visitors who read your articles also can share on their Social Media Wall.
  • Easy Affiliate Links / Pretty Links: It is used to track your backlinks that are coming to your site.
  • W3 Total Cache / W3 Super Cache / WP Rocket: You can install any one of them, and the main purpose of these plugins is to improve site speed by compressing files on your website.
  • Google XML Sitemaps: Sitemaps are files that are submitted to Google. Google wants the path to crawl your website and these sitemaps help Google to show that path.
  • WP Time Capsule / UpdraftPlus: These plugins will backup your data every day/week and you can restore the backup whenever you need it.

Important Pages in Website

When you design a website, there are some pages that are important and need to be there on your website for a smooth transition.

  • About Us Page: About Us, the page will help your users or visitors to know about you. You can write about yourself on this page and search engines and visitors will connect with you easily.
  • Contact Us Page: Contact us page consists of your contact details and when you go out in the market, then this page will be more helpful for visitors to contact you.
  • Privacy Policy Page: The privacy policy page consists of details that you are going to collect from your visitors. This page is very important because you need to be fair with your visitors and Search Engines with the data that you collect. This will build trust with both Search Engines and your visitors.
  • Terms and Conditions Page: This page contains the terms and conditions that you want your users to follow when they navigate your website. These Terms & Conditions can contain Visitors Behaviour while they post, Stopping your users to promote illegal activities’ and spamming your site.

Menu Creation

The menu is nothing but the Header on your Website. It consists of Pages like Home, AboutUs, Blog, Contact Us pages with additional pages that you can add.

how to install wordpress themes

How to Create a Menu:

  • Go to Appearance -> Menus

how to install wordpress themes

  • Click on Menus and you will be redirected to this page.

how to install wordpress themes

  • You can Edit an Existing Menu or you can create New Menu. Default Page will be Home and this shows some basic information. You can add an About Us page, Contact Page, Blog, and more.
  • Click on the Create New menu on top and a page will open like this.

how to install wordpress themes

  • If you want to create a new menu, then you need to create pages with names.
  • So for this go to Pages -> Add New

how to install wordpress themes

  • Create a New Page and give the Title as you want.

how to install wordpress themes

  • Then the page is created, and on the left-hand side in Menu Bar creation you can see the list of pages that you have created.

how to install wordpress themes

  • When you are done with creating pages, then click on the Add to Menu button and a New Menu will be created. And the Location of this Menu will be “Primary Menu”
  • Then click Save Menu and your Menu is created.

Posts Vs Pages

When you are done with Website creation and now you have a clear picture of how to install WordPress themes, then you are ready to write your first post.

So earlier we have discussed Pages and their creation then here we will discuss Posts.

So what are Pages and Posts?

Pages are used to create information on your site and Posts also do the same thing. So why both exist?

Pages are static and they don’t need to be updated dynamically. If you write an About Us page, You will not change the page daily.

But posts are those which are dynamically updated and these pages will be in constant touch with Visitors that visit your site. (For example, the post I am writing here will be updated from time to time).

How to Put Content in your Website

If you want to put content on your pages, the procedure is explained above.

Open Pages in the left side panel -> Click on Add New Page and you can write content there.

If you want to create Additional Content, other than your Pages then you need a Blog for that.

First Create Blog Page as described above then add it to your Menu. Then click on Posts in the left side panel and click on created Add New

how to install wordpress themes

If you can write blog posts and all the posts that are created will be categorized under the Blog Section.

If you click Blog, then the window will open like this with the posts that you have written.

how to install wordpress themes

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