My Internship Journey With DDIP

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I was wake when I first learnt Digital Marketing 3 Years back.

I don’t know where to start. So I joined a company as a Digital Marketing executive. (I was the only guy in that company for Digital Marketing.)

Tried a lot of things there with minimal knowledge and frankly saying I didn’t have much knowledge or proper guidance and so I messed up the job.

So I tried switching companies.

What was the mistake I was doing? I want to retrospect.

Lack of Digital Marketing knowledge? The answer is No.

What I found is lack of Implementation of what I learnt and proper guidance. (In particular, I say, lack of a team?)

So I decided to change all of this and I am looking for a mentor who can guide me in Digital Marketing; where to start and what are the things I need to know.

I came across Digital Deepak in an event held in my city and I have Googled him.

And so, I have subscribed to the first mail section that he was offering. (25 free lessons on Digital Marketing)

After that, I was getting emails from him in which some are boring and some are informational and some adding value to me.

One day I got a mail about his Internship program and attended his launch webinar (This is batch 5).

When I heard the cost, I simply left the webinar in the middle and turned off the Laptop. I got scared.

But after some days I thought again about him and regretted not joining his Internship Program.

So I was waiting for his next batch to start and when the launch webinar has done for Batch 6, I joined immediately when he gave the payment link.

After the internship has started and after watching the videos I was somewhat proud that I took the correct decision… And the whole 12 weeks felt like some magic was going to happen. (And I guessed it right).

Each video is very informative with minute details and I followed each and every step that was taught and completed my assignments.

Some assignments I completed early and some on the last day.

Apart from this, the Telegram group that was created and the mentor (Divya Kothari) that was assigned added some more value.

I am implementing each and every point that was taught and starting a funnel to attract clients and students.

I hope I will succeed in this and looking for more Advanced Internships like this from DD.

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