Keyword Research & Competitor Research

Keyword Research and Competitor Research are the main tasks and the first thing you want to do when you want to rank on Google Search Engine Results.

If you do these correctly, then half of your work will be completed.

keyword research and competitor research

But where you start finding profitable keywords that can rank in Google?

From where you can spy your competitors in your Niche?

These both will be hectic tasks if you are new to Digital Marketing.

So in order to support your Business/Website, I will do these tasks for you and provide profitable keywords for your website to rank and also I will find your competitors in your Niche.

For this, there are three packages.

  • Basic Package: Only Keyword Research for your Website.

Pricing:  INR 2999/- Only (One Time)

  • Gold Package: Only Competitor Research in your Niche. Know what your competitors are doing

Pricing: INR 5999/- Only (One Time)

  • Premium Package: Both Keyword Research and Competitor Research.

Pricing: INR 10,000/- Only (One Time)

What will you get in these packages?

 Basic Package:

You will get profitable keywords for your website and by using this you can rank easily in Google Search Engine.

Gold Package:

You will get to know about your competitors in your Niche. Details such as what are their organic keywords, What are their top pages, For which keywords they are ranking for will be given to you.

Premium Package:

You will get both the Keywords list for your website and also your competitor’s details as mentioned above.