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learn digital marketing

Learn Digital Marketing:

learn digital marketing

Learn Digital Marketing keyword has roughly 10,000 searches in Google Search Engine.

That means nearly 10,000 members are searching the term “Learn Digital Marketing” in Google.

Why this phrase has earned this many number searches? The answer is simple.

People are more eager to learn Digital Marketing which has a booming field nowadays.

There are many Digital Marketing Courses that are available on the Internet for free and also paid.

But my question is are they adding any value to the people who bought the course?

I think 80-90% of courses will only tell about the theory part and that also does not add any value and they leave their audience. But what about the implementation part?

Digital Marketing Course

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

This was the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin who was the Founding Father of the United States.

So without implementation and applying the principles, nothing you learn can flourish in the future.

So the Digital Marketing course with an Internship will be the best choice for those who want to build their careers.

For those people who are looking for this kind of program, a new way of Learning Digital Marketing has been introduced by “Digital Deepak” called as “DDIP Program” which will be abbreviated as “Digital Deepak Internship Program”.

So let us first know who is Digital Deepak and later we will know about his Internship Program.

Digital Deepak:

I have actually attended a conference in Hyderabad by an Organization called “Success Gyan” on “Digital Masters Conference” and in this program, I stumbled on this guy “Deepak Kanakaraju” a.k.a “Digital Deepak”.

He talked about so much on Digital Marketing in a pretty good way and after the conference got over, I googled him to know about him. So I searched on Google.

This came up…

digital deepak internship program


Okay. This guy has so much knowledge on Digital Marketing and I have subscribed to his newsletters on his site.

So I am getting emails from this guy and every Digital Marketer will always look to sell his course right away when anybody signs up for newsletters.

But this guy didn’t do that thing and at first, he started sending stuff related to Digital Marketing and from which I learned something from him.

I have used to his emails and one day he has sent me an email to attend his webinar for his “Internship Program”

At first, I didn’t attend the webinar as I thought this is also like any other program that is available in the market and I ignored it.

At that time he is running the 4th batch of the Internship program and I received the mail for the same.

After a few days, I got another mail about his new Internship batch launch webinar, and this time I thought let’s give it a try and attend the webinar and see what is going on!

So I attended the webinar and he explained decently about the approach he is going to follow to teach Digital Marketing.

I liked pretty much his approach and I thought I should give a try and join this program to learn Digital Marketing.

But conditions did not favor me as I was busy with other activities and I lost the opportunity to join his Internship Program for Batch 5.

So I was pretty disappointed that I lost a beautiful opportunity.

As the days passed, and this time my luck factor worked as “Digital Deepak” had made an announcement for his next batch, i.e 6th Batch of his Internship Program.

So without any hesitation, I joined his program, and I am exploring new ways, and learning Digital Marketing under his mentorship is a great decision that I took this year.

Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP):

So what is the benefit and Why I am talking about this Internship Program this much?

There is no other Learning platform where you can implement the subject you learn. But Deepak will have on such a platform.

There will be videos to learn where Deepak will teach Digital Marketing.

So there will be a new video released every week and you can learn from it. So what is new in this program?

There is the sweet spot coming here.

He will give assignments right after every video he releases and gives some time to finish it and submit.

So why we have to do the assignments?

If you learn the subject and leave after you learn, it’s no use. So if you implement it in the real world right after you learn then you can succeed more.

There are two benefits when you join this Internship program.

  1. You learn so much about “Digital Marketing” where you won’t learn with any other programs that are available in the market.
  2. You can start earning money and can build your strong network in the middle of the course itself.

Additional Benefit: You can earn cashback when you do the assignment and submit it. And also extra bonus for the people who do it on time.

So I think there are no other platforms that are available in the market like this.

Signup for Digital Deepak Internship Program

How DDIP has changed my Life?

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

— Chris Grosser

At first, I am also adamant about joining this Internship program, but after joining this it changed my mind and perception about the keyword “Learn Digital Marketing”.

So I had created this wonderful opportunity and I urge the rest of the people also to join this Internship program.

I am in my 8th week of the Internship program and I have learned a lot about “How to Have a Success Mindset”, “How to design your own website”, “How to generate Leads” and many more topics.

This Internship program has changed my mindset and the regular mails which Deepak sent me also changed me as a person.

He does not only teach the subject but also he teaches how to behave and how to have a clear mind to achieve our goals and also how you can help someone to achieve their own.

I have seen I had more improved in various aspects like tribe building and especially content writing.

This was my first lengthy article, which crossed 1000 words. And I am very proud that I have written all my thoughts about the Internship program in a perfect manner. (I think so)

So this particular module, where we want to do a live Webinar with real people and talk in front of them is the toughest part I faced being an Introvert.

But with the steps that I learned with the module and with the Interaction with fellow students and with my mentor, I came up very easy and performed it so well.


So in this pandemic era, I would recommend everyone to learn Digital Marketing because every business is converting from offline to online and every business needs marketing to go into the market.

This field has been emerging a lot and you can find many opportunities lying in this field to grab. Either as an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer or a Job Holder, you can earn a good amount of money.

I can see with limited valuable resources to learn Digital Marketing and applying the principles right after learning will make you study more and earn more.

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