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wordpress website development

WordPress Website Development

wordpress website development

WordPress Website Development became easy nowadays. When you think of Website Development you need to think of Coding and learning different languages to design a website.

But WordPress has done it easy for Non-Technical People. You can create any kind of Website using WordPress.

It is a simple platform where you can drag and drop the elements to get a perfect Website design.

In this article, we will go through the steps to follow to create a basic WordPress Website Development.

Let’s Dive in.

WordPress Definition

According to Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

So when you use WordPress as a tool to build a website you need to worry about other things like Databases and PHP languages. They are built within the system and what you have to do is to connect them carefully.

WordPress is a WYSIWYG system that elaborates as “What You See is What You Get”.

There are built-in tools such as Theme Editor, Plugins, and more and these will help to get what you have visualized for.

Steps to create a WordPress Website

First, you need to have a Domain name to create a website. So in the first step, We go and search some domain names for a Website.

Here I am taking the example of the GoDaddy website for both Domain name search and for Hosting.

There are many more websites in the market from which you can get domain names and hosting services.

wordpress website development

-> In the search bar search for a domain name that you wish for.

Points to be remembered while choosing a domain name

-> Don’t use an EMD:

EMD stands for “Exact Match Domain”. This means that your domain name should not match any keywords that people search in Google. For Example, if you are building a website for “Covid Masks“, then avoid taking ““.

As per Google, the above practice is considered spam and they may ban your site.

-> Domain Must be catchy and Brandable: 

The domain that you are choosing must be catchy and should be easily remembered.

Don’t use long names instead a domain must consist of 3 words and then it will easy to remember and that domain name can get easy attention.

-> Check if the domain name is available or not

Before taking a domain name, check whether the domain name is available or not.

This option is available within the website when you search for a domain name.

-> Check the history of the domain

Before proceeding with a domain name check for its history. Whether it was taken by anyone in the past and for what business the domain name was associated with.

For this, there is a website

Go into this site and download the software and run it on your system. This will give the history and availability of Domain names that you type in.

  • After your domain name is ready, then click Add to Cart and buy that domain name.

wordpress website development

You can buy the domain name for 1 Year, 2 Years, and so on. If you bought for 1 Year, you have to renew the domain name before it expires.

What if, you have not renewed your domain name after it expires after 1 year? Your domain name will go into the domain market and it will be made available for others to buy.

  • After you buy the domain name, it’s time to buy the hosting. Hosting is nothing but a database in which your Domain name will be stored and will be fetched when anyone types your domain name.

Buying Hosting Service

-> Go to

-> You will get plans like this.

wordpress website development


wordpress website development

-> So which plan do you want to choose?

If you are starting new and you don’t have a big budget, then go for the first plan which starts at INR99 per Month and costs you around 1200 a year.

If you have a big budget and willing to spend then go for the last plan.

The main difference between the first plan and the last plan is that the first plan is a sharing server and that means you will be sharing your server space with many websites.

So in this, the speed is minimized, bandwidth is limited, and only 30 GB of space is given to you by them.

Whereas in a Dedicated server, the server space is dedicated to you and will get more speed, more bandwidth, and more space.

So what space here refers to? Space is the memory that will be given to you and all the files that are on your websites such as JavaScript files, HTML files, images, and videos will all be stored in that space.

After you have chosen your Hosting plan, the buying process will be as same as buying the domain name.

Connecting Hosting and Domain Name

-> After buying a domain name and hosting services, go to your Account – My Products page.

-> You will see your domain name and Hosting there.

wordpress website development

wordpress website development

-> Click on your domain name and you will be redirected to a page and there click on Manage Connection.


-> Then it will ask for the domain name and hosting which you bought and connect these two in the next step

-> After you connect both you will get a dashboard like this.

wordpress website development

-> Click on cPanel Admin. You will get a screen like this.

wordpress website development

-> Then go down to Web Applications – Click on the WordPress option.

wordpress website development

-> Install WordPress on your site, and you will get your website under My Applications as shown above.

-> When you click on that, your website with a basic WordPress setup will be ready. The setup will be as same but without any data.

wordpress website development

So your basic site is ready and you can edit and make your website look more interesting and colorful.

What can you do with your Website

-> So you are ready with your website, these are the following things you can do.

  • You can use the website for your Business purposes – Connect and transact with your customers.
  • You can use it for Blog Writing and earn money from your website.
  • Affiliate Marketing – This topic is a hotshot in the present market because of booming E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and So on.
  • You can use the website for personal Branding purposes – Take a domain name on your name and edit with your details and you can nourish it from your website.




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